Our Sponsor

1100 S Detroit St
Bellefontaine, OH 43311
(937) 599-1253

You can play along with the Morning MindBender every weekday morning at 7:20 am.  This month’s sponsor is the Logan County Solid Waste District.

Here’s more info about their CHARM initiative that is underway right now:

  • The Logan County Solid Waste District’s CHARM center for hard-to -recycle materials is open for the season!
  • Recycle your hard-to-recycle items, such as household hazardous waste, oil-based paints, mercury, oil and automotive products
  • CHARM drop off events are on May 5, May 16, June 2 or June 20.
  • Drop off times are
    • May 16 from 4 – 7 pm
    • June 2 from 9 am-noon.
    • June 20 from 4-7 pm
  • The CHARM center is located at the Logan County Solid Waste District at 1100 S. Detroit, Bellefontaine (on the corner of South Detroit and Lake Avenue).
  • Open to the public.
  • Some fees may apply.
  • For more information about CHARM events and what materials are accepted, please visit their website at LoganCountyRecycles.com.


May 1:  We are all afraid of something in our house.  This came in #1…
A:  the garbage disposal

May 2:  Over half of husbands say they have not done this for their wife in over a year…
A:  bought her flowers

May 3:  The #1 saying that kids hate to hear their parents saying…
A:  Money doesn’t grow on trees

May 4:  Women need 6 of these and men need 4 before they are satisfied…
A:  selfies

May 8: 3/4 of us can drive to this location within an hour…
A:  parent’s house

May 9: Americans throw 570 of these away every second…
A:  Disposable Diapers (that’s 49 million per day!!)

May 10:  1 out of every 25 people are carrying one of these right now…
A:  $100 bill

May 14:  60% of women know how to do this, even though men don’t…
A:  Tie a tie

May 15:  75% of women say, men, if you are wearing one of these, it’s pretty tacky…
A:  a gold chain

May 16:  Some say it’s impossible to do, while others have proven them wrong.
A:  Lick your elbow

May 17:  28% of women cried when they first discovered this…
A:  Their first wrinkle.

May 18:  We are always forgetting our phones somewhere! This is the number one place we have left them behind…
A:  Coffee Shop