Logan Cole Update

Monday, March 13:
Logan’s lead level came back at 41. Although we wish it had dropped, we are thankful it is not increasing. We assume another test in about 3 weeks. Thank you for praying for him!

Friday, March 10:
We had an appointment with the toxicology doctor today. Dr. Hayes has been wonderful from the very first time we spoke with her on the phone. We are glad we are working with her. The lead situation is pretty complicated and will be difficult to sum up in a “shortish” post. Logan’s last lead test was 39. From a medical standpoint, the plan will be to monitor for now. They took a blood draw today and we will have results back on Monday. Should the lead levels increase dramatically (get into the 70-100 range), Dr. Hays would get with the neurosurgery team and re-evaluate the risks of doing surgery vs. the risk of the elevated lead levels. At today’s levels, the nerosurgery team has made it clear that they will not do surgery. They feel the risks are simply too high (the pellets in the spine are probably doing most of the contaminating).

In talking to a couple of doctors casually (not Children’s doctors), we have come to understand that removing the pellet from the lung artery is not really an option. They talked about a lobectomy and probably removing at least two lobes of the lung to do this. Once again, not a good option and would not be done unless absolutely necessary.

At current blood lead levels, the primary risks to Logan are as follows:
1. High Blood pressure.
2. Fertility issues.
3. Kidney damage.

They can clean the blood, however, without removing the source of the contamination, she said the levels are likely to rebound pretty quickly and to similar levels to what they are pre-treatment. Cleaning the blood is something they would do if the levels reach 70-100 but only if they get this high. And once again, the benefits would be temporary. All this said, it makes us even more grateful that the lead levels have stopped increasing and have even come down some. We believe this is an answer to prayer. We will continue to pray and ask the Lord for continued healing. It has become even more evident to us what a blessing this healing is as the options available to reduce the lead contamination are few and complicated. We are giving thanks that the Ultimate Healer saw fit to stop the increase of lead levels where He did. We also give thanks for all of you that lift up Logan in prayer. You are such an encouragement to us. Thank you for your faithfulness to our family.

They removed the wound vac from Logan’s back last week. He was very happy to be free from the tubes and man purse he had to carry around! The wounds are healing so well and we could not be more grateful for this. We met with the wound doctor on Wednesday and she made the decision to not do a skin graft. She explained that it would be more difficult to do this with the brace Logan is in and that, in combination with the fact that they are healing well, she decided it best to not do a graft. I think that is about all, we will get the lead results on Monday and we will let you know what they are. We very much covet and appreciate your continued prayers. Unless there is a surprise, Dr. Hays said we will move the lead testing to every 3 weeks.

One more thing, our daughter Shiloh is going in for open heart surgery this coming Wednesday. This is a planned surgery and is necessary to treat the heart disease that she was born with. Please pray with us that the surgery would be successful, that there would be no complications, and that the doctors would have wisdom.

On a personal note, I just want to let you know that Julie and I have experienced God’s comfort and presence in a way that is difficult to explain. Our God is a healing God, He is our provider. He is an ever present help in our time of need. And finally, He is our Savior. We are thankful for our relationship with Him.

Wednesday, March 1:
We just received Logan’s lead level back and it came in at 39. We are very thankful for this drop (however small it is)! We have an appointment with the toxicology doctor on 3/10 to discuss treatment plans. I am not sure, but my guess is that they will want to get the level checked again next week. Thank you so much for your prayers! It is impossible to communicate how grateful we are for God’s healing and how thankful we are for your prayers.

Tuesday, February 28:
Logan continues to do well. He went back to school for a full day yesterday. He was pretty worn out after a full day so we might do some half days the rest of this week and then target full days next week. The front wound vac was removed last week. Logan has a wound vac change Thursday for the wound on the back. We are hopeful that they might be able to take the back wound vac off this week. But we are also OK if that does not occur. We are just very grateful for the healing that has taken place in both of these wounds. And no infection. Praise God! We will be at the lab for a blood draw tonight to test the lead and then we will get those results on Wednesday. Please pray with us that the lead levels will continue to drop. We are so thankful for the results we received last week.

Thank you all so much for your continued prayers. We are so humbled that so many would take the time to pray for Logan and our family. God is good and faithful regardless of outcomes. It is so awesome to have a heavenly Father that allows us make requests of Him (and He hears those requests), but we also know that He is so much wiser than we are and loves us so much that we can trust Him unconditionally. Praise be to Him.

Tuesday, February 21:
God preformed a miracle today!! Logan’s lead level came back at 40. As per the post last night, the previous level from Wednesday was 43. Logan’s lead levels in his blood had increased by 1.5 points per day (on average) from the day of the shooting until last Wednesday when he was tested. This increase was so quick that the toxicology doctor was trying to coordinate a meeting with the surgeons so they could put a plan together in order to respond quickly.

So many of you prayed with us that God would allow the levels to decrease. And he answered our prayers! Logan and I were talking yesterday and Logan said “what do you think the lead levels are going to be”? And I said, “it depends on if God decides to take care of them in a miraculous way or not. If not, we will probably be looking at surgery later this week or early next.” Then I said to Logan, “let’s pray they go to 40”.

Thank you so much to so many of you that are praying for Logan. Even more so, thank you to God for this miracle. The article that we were reading that dealt with lead pellets said that the lead level typically does not peak until month 3. We are at week 5! Logan’s lead will be tested again in a week. We will be praying that they continue to decrease. But tonight, we are praising and thanking God for this very specific answer to prayer. Please join us in giving thanks to Him.

Monday, February 20:
Logan had a lead test done 14 days after he was shot. His blood level was 26 (normal is 1-5). It was tested last Wednesday and it tested at 43. Once the lead level gets to 80, there are significant risks of serious complications. We talked to the toxicology doctor at Children’s tonight. She believes the vast (if not all) of the contamination is coming from the pellet in the lung and the pellets in the spinal column. She is meeting with the wound doctor, the neurosurgeon, and other doctors involved in his care tomorrow or Wednesday (time is not on our side with this issue) to put a plan together. Please pray that God would grant them wisdom. If surgery is the best option, she alluded to the idea that they would probably do surgery on the lung to remove that pellet prior to doing surgery on the spine.

We would like to ask that you pray with us that the lead level would come down on its own (we are going to Marysville tonight to get a blood draw and they will have results tomorrow by 1:00PM). We know God is capable of taking care of this “problem” by way of a miraculous healing. However, we also recognize it is a miracle that we live at this time and in this country with the medical capabilities and knowledge that are available. God is good regardless of how (or if) this situation is resolved in the way we desire.

Thank you so much for your prayers for Logan and for continuing to pray for his complete recovery.

Monday, February 13:
Logan returned to school.

Saturday, February 11:
Things are going well and Logan continues to heal. We went to Nationwide Children’s Hospital on Thursday and they did a wound vac change. They will continue to do these weekly until the wounds are healed. There is a possibility Logan will need a skin graft but it is too early to know for sure. The wound nurses said the wounds are “looking good”. Praise the Lord! Please continue to pray that the wounds will heal with no infection.

Logan tested high for lead. He is not at the level that they would start therapy for it. He is at 28 and they said they would start therapy at 44. We are praying that they lead will go down on its own. There is no plan to remove all the pellets (the doctors said they would do more damage trying to remove them than it would benefit). Based on this, we are not sure what to expect with the lead levels long term. We will do another blood test this coming week to see which way they are trending. Please pray with us that the body will encapsulate the pellets and that Logan’s lead level will return to a normal level.

Logan had 3 root canals Thursday afternoon. One tooth is broke off above the gum line so he will probably need a dental implant to replace that tooth. The other two should just need crowns. Thank you to Dr. Laura Castle and Dr. Jason Bigby who are so generously taking care of Logan at no charge. Thank you also to the 5 other dental groups that offered to help. You know who you are and your generosity meant so much to us.

Thank you so much to the area schools, the community, fans at the basketball games, and on and on. Everyone has been so generous and kind. We are simply overwhelmed by the love that has been poured out on our family.

The Bible says that God will never leave us or forsake us. It also talks about Christians being the body of Christ. I would just like to say that so many of you have been the hands and feet of Christ to us during this time. We have felt God’s presence through your prayers, words, actions, and deeds. We are honored to know you all and call you friends. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Finally, we are very thankful to the Lord who has watched over Logan and allowed his body to heal in such a remarkable way. All glory and honor be to Him.

Saturday, February 4:
Logan is home! Thank you to everyone who came out to welcome him home. You guys are awesome. We could not dream of having better friends.

Friday, February 3:
Logan had a wound vac change today at 1:00PM. The report was very good. The doctor said there are no signs of infection – Praise the Lord! The wounds are healing well. There are bacteria and fungus that take weeks to develop. In addition to this, Logan will always be at a higher risk of infection due to the lead in his body. We do appreciate you continued prayers for Logan related to these issues as well as his emotional healing. We believe that Logan will be released this weekend.

I know we have said this before but we cannot say it enough. We are so grateful for the generosity of so many. More importantly, we treasure the prayers that have been offered for Logan. So many have petitioned our Heavenly Father on his behalf. Most of all, we are so thankful to the Great Physician. We do not know why God allows some of his children to be saved and some are not. What we do know, is that He is faithful and good in all circumstances. We are thankful that God chose to use Logan (and the West Liberty community) to further His Kingdom. All Honor, Glory, and Praise are to Him.

Wednesday, February 1:
Logan just got out of heart surgery. They decided to try to grab the pellet with a cath procedure. Logan went back at 11:30 and they finished up around 3:30. The pellet was lodged below the tri-cuspid valve. The doctor felt that it was not safe to try to grab the pellet where it was at. Instead, he decided to hit it with an air blast. The blast of air dislodged the pellet and it moved out to the left pulmonary artery (pretty unconventional thinking by the doctor and we are thankful that he was given wisdom to try this). It migrated back into a small branch of the left pulmonary artery where it will stay. All in all, a very successful surgery. The risk of long term complications are much lower where the pellet is now versus remaining in the heart.
We are so thankful for the Lord’s hand of protection being over Logan during this surgery.

Tuesday, January 31:
“You are worthy, our Lord and God, to receive glory and honor and power, for you created all things, and by your will they were created and have their being.” Revelation 4:11

Monday, January 30:
Logan just got back to the room. The report from the wound surgeon was good. They put a wound vac on the back. She said that the wound in the back is about half the size it was when he came in on Friday. She took some tissue samples to be sent off and checked for infection but she said she saw no evidence of infection. Thank you so much to everyone for lifting Logan up in prayer. PRAISE BE TO GOD. Logan will be having his heart cath on Wednesday at 11:30 where they will try to remove the pellet.

Sunday, January 29:
Logan is doing well and acting much more like himself. He is now getting out of his bed and walking around the hospital. The doctors have decided to go ahead and put the wound vac on the wound in his back. They believe that the risk of a spinal fluid leak is small enough that putting the wound vac on is a prudent move. We are thankful for this as it will facilitate healing and reduces the risk of infection in that wound. That surgery will take place tomorrow. They have decided to go ahead and do a cath procedure to try to grab the pellet in the heart. It is possible that while trying to grab the pellet, they will dislodge it and it will move out to the lung. There would still be risk of infection in the lung but that would be better than an infection of the heart.

We are humbled by the support of everyone. Thank you so much for the support of our family. Please continue to pray for Logan’s complete healing. We would ask that you specifically pray against infection and pray that they cath doctor would be able to grab the pellet without any complications. We want to be sure and give God thanks for the protection over Logan and the healing that has taken place so far. To Him be the glory and honor. On a side note, Jason Cole has set up a Facebook group in order to try to collect pictures and videos of support to Logan and the community. The group name is #tigerstrongpics. Please feel free to note the event/place that the picture was taken if it is not obvious in the picture. We would appreciate it if you would take the time to upload any pictures or videos that you may have.

Thursday, January 26:
Logan is getting stronger and looking better each day. They continue to remove tubes from his body. First was the breathing tube, second was the NG tube, third was the chest tube. They are now taking him off IV pain meds which is the last thing they are giving him via the IV. We are so grateful for the healing that has taken place in Logan’s body. To God be the glory.

There are still significant health risks. We are more and more aware each day of the significant risk of infection. Particularly to the gunshot wound to Logan’s back. The shot penetrated all the way to the spinal column. In that wound specifically, there is risk of infection to the following areas – the soft tissue, the spinal column, and the spinal fluid. Please pray against any infection in these areas. We would also ask that you pray specifically that the pellets in his body not migrate into his vascular system. Please continue to pray that the doctors would have wisdom regarding treatment of the pellet in the heart. We give thanks that they have not detected any leakage of the spinal fluid and pray that would remain.

I know it is redundant but we are so grateful for everything that has been done for Logan. Your prayers are a treasure to us. We believe that Logan would not be experiencing the healing he is experiencing without those prayers. All we ask is that you continue to lift up Logan before the Great Physician.

Wednesday, January 25:
We are so amazed by the generosity of so many. Our $10,000 goal was met in less than 3 days. WOW. Funds can continue to be donated to the GoFundMe page (see link below). Donations can also be made to Quest Community Church in West Liberty. All donations from the Go Fund Me siteas well as donations made at Quest Church will be used for a college fund for Logan, support of the Serna family, and a yet to be determined project at the school related to this situation.

Tuesday, January 24:
Let me start by saying that the outpouring of support by so many people has been simply overwhelming. The texts, Facebook messages, gifts, visitors, pictures, food, help with kids, and most importantly the prayers are appreciated beyond what any of you will ever know.

As most of you know, Logan was moved out of ICU late Saturday evening. Logan has been successful with a series of steps since that time. Logan’s biggest desire was to have a drink of water. The first thing that had to be done was that Logan had to have a back brace. Once the back brace was in place, the next step was to swallow die and take x-rays to ensure the esophagus was not leaking. The good news is that he passed the swallow test. However, in those x-rays the radiologist detected what he thought was a pellet near or in the heart. Based on that, they did not want to remove the ng tube (which would have allowed Logan to get a drink) until they knew whether the cardio team would be taking him for immediate surgery. The cardio team ordered a echo cardiogram which was done almost immediately. After about an hour (which seemed like 4), the doctor came in with an update. There is a pellet in one of the chambers of the heart.

The awesome news is that it is on the right side. The right side is the low pressure side that feeds into the lungs. This means that it did not require immediate surgery and Logan is not in immediate risk. There are several risks associated with this condition. As we understand it, the highest risk is that the foreign material in the body will allow bacteria to grow and will put Logan at a much higher risk of heart infection (lead is a material that is more conducive to bacteria growth). They estimate the risk that this would lead to further complication at some point in the future to be 20-30%.

The alternative to leaving the pellet in is to do open heart surgery and to remove the pellet. This is typically a pretty safe surgery but there are risks associated with it. The risks to Logan may be higher due to the open wounds he has from the gunshots as well as the damage to the spinal cord. Logan was supposed to go in to surgery today to have the wounds cleaned (they currently change the dressing daily but wanted to do a more thorough cleaning, stitch up what they could, and possible add wound vacs). The trauma team (which is coordinating Logan’s care) will meet with the cardio surgery team, the wound care team and the neurology surgery team to determine the best course of action from here.

We would ask that you continue to pray for healing for Logan. We would also ask you to pray for wisdom for the doctors as well as Logan, Julie, and myself with regard to the decision needing to be made about open heart surgery.

Sunday, January 22:
Our family would like to write a quick note letting the community know how much we greatly appreciate all your prayers, thoughts, emails, texts, and notes of encouragement. We have read many of the posts and messages to Logan Cole and they have been a tremendous encouragement to him. I knew we had a special community, school staff, and student body, but this event has opened our eyes even further to this reality. We have some really special people in our midst.

I hate to do this because I will miss someone. But our desire to thank people overrides the fact that many people will be missed. We would like to thank Andy McGill and Greg Johnson as they responded to a situation with no regard to their own safety but with total concern for the well being of the students. We would like to thank Jake Vitt and Jennifer Douthwaite who played a key roll in keeping Logan stable until EMT arrived. We would like to thank Jen Wilcoxen and Jennifer Douthwaite and others who prayed with Logan as he was waiting for EMT to arrive. Thank you to Aaron Hollar who took care of our precious daughter as we ran in to be with Logan. We would like to thank Dan McGill and others who prayed with us at the school. Thank you to Mr. Thomas who was put in a terribly difficult position and made a decision that possible saved many students. Thank you to deputy Ward who responded so quickly and helped in so many ways. There are so many other people including many other staff at West Liberty Salem, our friends, other law enforcement, the incredible staff at Nationwide children’s and Mary Rutan that we would like to thank.

Thank you especially to our immediate family who spent so much time in the last 48 hours supporting us in so many ways.
Our family was greatly impacted but so was every other family in the community as well. We want you to know that you are in our prayers. Our prayer is that through this tragedy, God would be glorified, and that people would experience the saving grace of Jesus Christ. He is the only solution.

Saturday, January 21 at 11:00pm:
Logan was moved out of ICU tonight and is able to have visitors starting tomorrow around 12:00 noon. He would love to see any of his friends that are able to visit him.

Saturday, January 21 at 2:30pm
Last night was a good night. They were able to remove Logan’s breathing tube. As a result, they were able to lower his sedation. Logan started becoming much more aware around 2:00AM. He remembers the event and one of the first things he asked Julie and I was to pray for the other student involved.

We have met with multiple doctors today and their goal is to get him out of ICU. They think it might be possible to do this by the end of the day. Some of the more significant issues remaining for Logan:
1. He has a lot of shot (pellets) in his body. Probably 70-80. Two of these are in his spinal canal. Thankfully, one of them narrowly missed a nerve (nerve is on the right side and pellet is on the left side). The body will naturally encapsulate the pellets that are in the soft tissue.
2. Logan’s backbone took a lot of impact from one of the shots. There are multiple breaks and fractures. One potential risk is compression of the spine. Logan will need to wear a back/neck brace for 3 months in order to let the backbone fuse in place. He will be on physical restrictions during that time.
3. Logan is doing as well as can be expected from a mental/emotional standpoint but we would ask that you continue to pray for healing in this area. As you can imagine, it is a lot to process and his memory of the situation is very vivid.
4. Logan’s right lung is damaged from the pellets. There may be partial loss to some of his overall capacity but that should be limited.
5. Logan’s front 3 teeth are broken from hitting the floor.
6. Please continue to pray that infection will not be an issue.

I won’t go into all the details but as he was laying on the floor bleeding from two shotgun wounds, he was talking to the shooter asking/begging him to please not cause further injury to anyone at the school or to himself. God chose to use Logan in this situation and Logan responded to that opportunity. We could not be prouder of him. Logan is truly a hero.
Feel free to share this post as there are a lot of people in the community that have been inquiring about Logan. Thank you all so much for your prayers.

Many people have asked if there is a way to support Logan Cole. Donations to Logan will be divided between a college fund for Logan, a project at West Liberty-Salem High School, and to support the Serna family. Donations can be made to Quest Community Church in West Liberty or online at GoFundMe. If donating by check, please put in the memo line #TigerStrong. Thank you for your support.
CLICK HERE to donate through Go Fund Me

Dinner at the school on Monday, January 30 raised $13,700.
The Marketplace Cafe in Bellefontaine raised $15,534.01 by selling the “Logan” roast beef sandwich from January 22-29.

1. Complete healing for Logan Cole, and that he will have no infections and that his lead levels will drop
2. Strength and peace for parents, Ryan and Julie, and the entire Cole family
3. That we would take the lead of the Cole’s by extending grace and forgiveness to Ely Serna and his family
4. That the Serna family would experience God’s love and forgiveness
5. For a spirit of unity at WLS, and against a spirit of fear
6. God would be glorified, and that people would experience the saving grace of Jesus Christ. He is the only solution!