*** UPDATE *** (9-4-17)
I am excited to announce that we are moving forward with the expansion of our 88.5 signal.  God has revealed a plan to me to accomplish the expansion in two steps. 

Step One is moving our equipment from the current tower in Kenton to another tower location near Mount Victory.  Step One also includes installing our new antenna.  My goal is to complete Step One by the end of September.  We have currently raised enough money to complete Step One, but need to raise another $20,000 to complete Step Two. 

Step Two includes installing the new transmitter.  We will not be able to fully expand the signal until the new transmitter is in place.  In the meantime, we will continue to use our current transmitter. 

Are you uplifted by the music?  Are you encouraged as we share God’s truth?  Do you hear the right song at the right time?  Your donation will help others experience these things just like you do.  

Click the DONATE NOW BUTTON above to make a gift today to help us meet this $20,000 goal and complete the expansion. As of September 26, we have raised $1202.00

Mark Boyer, Manager