We are partnering with friends of the station to bless families this Christmas.  As a Shine FM Listener, we are asking for your help.  Please tell us about an individual or family you know who could use a blessing this Christmas.  Nominations are now being received by completing the form below.  The deadline for nominations is Saturday, November 30.


  1. Nominations are open until Saturday, November 30.
  2. Selections will be made on Wednesday, December 4th.
  3. Families who will receive a blessing will be contacted after December 4th.
  4. Audio of the selected families will be aired between December 9th and 20th.
  5. Between December 16 – 20th, Shine FM employees will deliver the gifts and pray with the families.


  1. Nominating persons cannot nominate themselves, spouses or their children.  It’s ok to nominate parents and close relatives, so long as they do not share a household with the nominating person.
  2. All nominations must be received by 5 pm on Saturday, November 30th.
  3. You must provide all the information listed below when completing the form.
  4. Those who have received The Christmas Blessing in previous years may not be eligible.
  5. Those receiving assistance from other agencies may not be eligible.

Thanks for helping us reflect, share and encourage this Christmas.

Please complete this nomination form:

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