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Rural 1st Home Loans


Becky Hoffman
Rural1st Loan Officer
Farm Credit Mid-America
1640 N Main St

Telephone: 937-599-6118


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Whatever rural life you envision, we have the financing to make it happen.

“Rural 1st can finance every phase of your move—from buying land and constructing your home, to expanding, adding outbuildings and making improvements over time. We’re here to help for the long haul.” -from their website

Rural 1st is the home loan lending division of Farm Credit Mid-AmericaRural 1st specializes in home loans, building lot and construction loan located in rural areas.  They offer unique products for home with acreage that other lenders may not be able to finance.


Feb 5
Only 1/3 of women in America are brave enough to do this in public right now. (Half of American men are ok to do it)
A: Wear swim suit

Feb. 6th
Women do this 4X more than man?
A: Shoplift

Feb. 7th
A___________ cannot stick out it’s tongue?
A: Crocodile

Feb. 11th
This animal can sleep up to 3 years?
A:  Snail

Feb. 12th
An average of 100 people choke to death every year on this?
A: Ballpoint Pen

Feb. 13th
You, if you are average, do this about 41 times each day….
A: Send a text message

Feb. 14th
10,000 marriages each year happen because couples did this on their first date?
A: Got coffee on 1st date